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Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)

"Social networking provides notification that you are missing out. 'Before the arrival of personal broadcasting technology, many of us were protected from information about what others were up to."
Dr Natasha Dwyer, a senior lecturer in digital media at Melbourne's Victoria University

Defined as a fear of one’s social standing or how one is perceived among peers, and a need to constantly know what is happening and what others are doing, FoMO is most prevalent in people aged 16 to 35… while social media can be enjoyed, the FoMO it inspires through comparison and exclusion can cause anxiety, stress and, in extreme cases, depression.

Damn you FoMO.

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Achieve More by Doing Less

After all, there is a far better option, and it will do more than simply increase your results it will multiply them. Believe it or not, it is not only possible to accomplish more by doing less, it is mandatory. Enter the world of elimination.
Timothy Feriss - 4 Hour Workweek
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No Micromanagement Please

I like hearing that people don’t like to be micromanaged. They like to be responsible for something. People don’t like repetition. They don’t like boring things. When someone says, “I want to own something. I want you to trust me,” I love that. –Adi Tatarko, C.E.O. of Houzz, an architecture and interior design Web site

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Business Focus: Uptown Treehouse & Socedo

Interesting article from NYTimes about Uptown Treehouse and a software startup called Socedo and the Founder’s dilemma of having two businesses which require his attention.

Mr. Badshah, 24, graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 with a business degree. He moved to Los Angeles with the idea of starting the marketing agency that became Uptown Treehouse. Uptown Treehouse is a seven-person company, based in Los Angeles, that creates social media campaigns for media and product companies. Just three years old, it earns an annual profit of more than $300,000 on revenue of $1.3 million.

Steve Blank’s response? Unsurprisingly it’s about focus:

Steve Blank, an associate professor at Stanford and author of “The Startup Owner’s Manual”: “Pick one business and commit to it. Betting on one idea focuses your heart, soul and all your energy on its success. If you are not fully committed to your idea, why would an investor commit to you? You can’t give your whole self to multiple girlfriends or boyfriends — it’s the same with business.” NYTimes

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CBA and a Rogue Financial Planner

The story about Don Nguyen, an ex-CommBank financial planner scamming people. This is why financial education is important. How can you entrust people with your hard earned cash?

The men discussed at great length the risks at that fateful lunch, but as each of them considered that up to 1300 clients – most of them retired, seriously ill or unemployed – and $300 million in client funds could be torched by Nguyen, they decided to tip the bucket on the bank’s star planner. But doing that also meant exposing the culture inside the planning arm of the most venerable and trusted financial institution in the country.


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What happened in Fukushima?

Really no one died? Hmmm… So is nuclear power safe (to a certain extent) after all?

No one died, nor is likely to die, according to the most comprehensive assessments since the Fukushima nuclear plant was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

The accident competed for media space with the deaths of nearly 20,000 people in the magnitude 9.0 quake – 1000 times worse than the Christchurch quake – and tsunami, which wholly or partly destroyed more than a million buildings.


09. Jun, 2013
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Smart Aleck Vandals

LOL Funny. More there.

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jQuery Multiple Class Selector

If you’ve got an element with multiple classes:

<element class="a b">

To select the union:

$(".a, .b")

To select an intersection

$('#a.b.c') (If have an ID of a and classes b and c)
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Synthetic Drugs


One new synthetic drug emerges on the European market every week and the two drugs believed to be involved in Henry Kwan’s death, 25I-NBOMe and 25B-NBOMe, are among hundreds coming in to Australia.

NSW will ban the sale of about 30 synthetic drugs on Sunday, with retailers ordered to pull the products from their shelves immediately.

via SMH

09. Jun, 2013
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The Cost of Mental Illness in Australia: $190 billion

Mental Illness costs Australia $190 billion.

Official economic figures only pick up the direct economic effects of mental illness, such as work absenteeism. But mentally ill people tend to report lower levels of wellbeing, on average, and the Herald-Lateral Economics index puts a dollar figure on these non-economic – but very significant – effects.

(SMH/Herald-Lateral Economics Index of Australia’s Wellbeing)

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